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NovaCare gives you local support and
all new software updates for your products

What is NovaCare?

NovaCare is support and upgrade protection rolled into one all-inclusive plan. NovaCare gives you everything you need to successfully and easily manage your backup solution. NovaStor technical experts are always local, so you can get help from people who understand your needs and have the experience to help you through any issue.

Benefit of NovaCare

Get Technical Phone and Email Support

NovaStor technical support engineers provide answers to your questions and assist in working through your backup challenges. With an active NovaCare plan, our knowledgeable technical support team provides phone and email support and will guide you to a resolution for the task you are facing.

Get NovaCare Upgrade Protection

NovaCare also includes unrestricted access to software updates and upgrades on the product which you've purchased NovaCare for. All subscription products and NovaBACKUP Server, NovaBACKUP Business Essentials and NovaBACKUP Network perpetual licenses automatically include one-year of NovaCare!

Who gets NovaCare?

  Subscription Licenses
Perpetual Licenses
NovaBACKUP PC / Professional
Optional to Buy
NovaBACKUP Server
1 Year Included
NovaBACKUP Business Essentials
1 Year Included
NovaBACKUP Network
1 Year Included

What does NovaCare include?

Email Support
Phone Support
Product Updates
Product Upgrades

What if I don't have an active NovaCare plan?

If your NovaCare has expired or your NovaBACKUP Subscription is no longer active, please see below before requesting support.

If your NovaCare expired less than 30 days ago, NovaStor offers a grace period to renew your NovaCare. You will need to select a product to renew your NovaCare for, then enter your license key to verify your renewal eligibility in the shopping cart. If you do not know when your NovaCare expired, please check your NovaCare status to verify your NovaCare expire date.

If you are currently using a trial of NovaBACKUP, email support is available for your trial product during your evaluation period by submitting a support request online. Our self-service support documentation is also available at any time.

If you cannot renew your NovaCare, you may purchase a per-incident support call for supported products or buy a new license to receive technical support.

Check Your NovaCare Status:

Everyone who purchases NovaBACKUP receives NovaCare or the option to purchase NovaCare. Enter your license key below to view your product info.



The Best Way of Obtaining
NovaCare Support

  • Fast help
    Find help quickly with any questions in our documentation, Knowledgebase, blog, and our videos and webinars.
  • E-mail support from US and Europe
    Get email support directly from our backup experts in California and Hamburg by submitting a support request.
  • Phone support from US and Europe
    Call and talk directly to our support team in California and Hamburg by phone with an active NovaCare plan.
  • NovaCare Upgrade Protection
    Stay up-to-date with product updates and upgrades included with your active NovaCare plan.