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Overview of NovaStor DataCenter Enterprise

Where other backup systems reach their limit, NovaStor DataCenter Enterprise continues to provide impressive performance for the most sophisticated infrastructures, without the complexity found in most enterprise-level solutions.

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Backup & Restore for High Performance Environments

Designed for robust performance, a unique architecture provides efficient backup & restore without bottlenecks. For large and growing volumes of data ensures NovaStor DataCenter Enterprise makes optimal use of the existing infrastructure and storage hardware.

NovaStor’s all-inclusive license model is designed specifically for the convenience of customers across a wide range of environments. Rapid response to the latest technologies such as Windows Server 2016, SQL 2016, and Exchange 2016 – means that clients are never left waiting for OS or application support. Once you consider less common applications such as Lotus Notes / Domino, SAP, Informix, and DB, not to mention varying backup strategies, having a backup solution that includes all features and options from the beginning makes common sense for budget planning.

Companies using NovaStor DataCenter Enterprise enjoy total flexibility without additional licensing and benefit from maximum cost stability.

Core Benefits of DataCenter Enterprise

DataCenter Enterprise is designed to meet the needs of international providers of IT services, hosting providers, service providers, and companies with similar distributed architectures and data-intensive requirements. NovaStor DataCenter Enterprise follows the best-of-breed approach. An enterprise software optimized for the integration of third-party systems; Open interfaces, allow for the seamless integration of customer-specific billing systems.

Each license includes a full range of functionality:

  • All Options and Plugins Included - support for SQL 2016, Exchange 2016, Hyper-V 2016, VMware, DR and much more...
  • Support for different operating systems and applications (Windows, Linux, HP / UX, Solaris, AIX, SQL, Exchange, Oracle, etc.)
  • Hardware agnostic architecture, letting you choose the best technologies for your environment
  • A modern interface and intuitive navigation design
  • Protection of virtual and physical systems with a single application
  • Extensive recovery options - P2V, V2P, dissimilar hardware, single file restore

All options including support for SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, Tape Library, D2D2T, Storage Appliances and more.

Why Choose DataCenter Enterprise?

It just works!

DataCenter Enterprise differs from other enterprise backup products by a fundamental principle. Once configured, DataCenter Enterprise just works – with very little administrative effort or training is needed. Our uniquely simple and transparent licensing model guarantees our customers low and predictable costs. We consider each client and their individual requirements - as equal partners in data protection.

Premium US Based Support

Superior, personalized service for your backup solution

NovaStor DataCenter Enterprise is prized for its German engineering, and support from our support team based in Agoura Hills, California and Hamburg, Germany. Our team consists of highly skilled engineers who are familiar with your environment and installation. By default, DataCenter Enterprise customers receive NovaCare Premium Support with their initial purchase of the product license. We treat the questions of our enterprise customers with the highest priority. You benefit from the hands-on approach of our support team, and their close proximity to our development team for achieving resolution. Specific requests and requirements from our enterprise customers are thoroughly considered when forming product development roadmaps.

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